Anti Smuggling:-

  1. Procurement, deployment and maintenance of Anti-Smuggling Equipment required by the field formations of CBEC;
  2. Monitoring the disposal of seized stocks with the field formations;
  3. Allotment of weapons to  departmental officers on loan basis;

Major Anti-Smuggling Projects :-


    Till now, this Directorate has installed a total of 12 container scanners, including of one scanner decommissioned, of different types i.e. mobile scanners (3), fixed scanners (4) and drive-thru scanners (3). Private ports are also installing container scanners themselves with the help of this Directorates support in technical specifications. The first two container scanners- one Mobile Gamma Rays scanner and one Fixed 9MeV X-ray scanner as pilot project were installed at Nhava Sheva in 2004 and 2005 respectively. X- Rays container scanner can scan about 10-12 containers per hour. The mobile scanner can scan 18-2 containers per hour. A drive-thru container scanner can scan 80-100 containers in one hour.

    About 18 nos. of scanners ( 13 mobile, 4 Drive-thru scanners and 1 Rail Scanner) are under process of installation. Eight (8) mobile scanners, procured by IPA, are at advanced stage and will be installed by December, 2019. The details is given as below:


      204 XBIS/XMIS have been procured and installed at various formations of CBEC, like Airports, ICD, LCS and PAD/FPO.
      A proposal to procure another 82 XBIS is under process of procurement.

    3. Video Conferencing System:
    This Directorate has established a dedicated video conferencing facility in 65 locations (later reduced to 63) of CBIC, through M/s RailTel Corporation of India, on a managed service model in the year 2016. This facility was later extended to 13 Regional Training Institutes of NACIN (later reduced to 12) and 03 more locations. The location wise detail of 78 sites is as under:

    Services offered by M/s RailTel
        The videoconferencing setup in CBIC has 3 Mbps 1:1 dedicated MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label switching) bandwidth, full high definition TP unit for ensuring uninterrupted, reliable and high quality TP sessions. The set up allows to connect in 02 ways as under:
    i) Point to point call: A User can connect to another by direct calling from the system.
    ii) Multi-point call: The services shall allow to bridge multiple locations in a single scheduled call through helpdesk.
    All the videoconferences are conducted over a RailTel’s dedicated MPLS network. M/s RailTel also provides 24x7 helpdesk facility, which support all locations in scheduling any multi-point call and for any issues related to the TPaaS service.

    Dry run session:
        In order to test the network and audio/video quality of all the end points, M/s RailTel Corporation conducts a dry run session across all the CBIC field formations every Friday from 1500 hrs to 1700 hrs, which is duly monitored by Users. This helps M/s RailTel to help in identifying issues and resolving them proactively.

        The technical issues like link down, disruption, loss of connectivity during conference are reported by Users to Directorate of Logistics. For such non-performance, there is penal clause provisioned in the MoU for deduction of proportional amount, while disbursing payment to M/s RailTel.

    Contact details of Service Provider:
        The contact details of M/s RailTel is as under:
    i) Helpdesk (Mr. Aditya, Mr. Ravi) -9394968777, 9000893279
    ii) Mr. Vrishad Shahade -9717644181
    iii) Mr. Satish (for Delhi) -9717646004


    4. ARMS
        This Directorate allots NPB Revolvers/ Pistols to Departmental Executive Officers as per instructions and guidelines prescribed by Ministry.
    a. Confiscated weapons of non-prohibited bore i.e. Revolvers or Pistols are loaned to Executive Customs/Central Excise officers who requires them for self-protection in the course of their work on condition that the weapons are returned by the officers to the Departments when no longer required or in any case on their retirement/ superannuation.
    b. The requests received from officers who wish to obtain weapons on loan should be carefully screened by the Commissioners and forwarded with their specific recommendation to this Directorate.
    c. The weapons will be loaned only to officers who possess the necessary arms license, and not more than one weapon will be given to an individual officers.

    5. NEW PROPOSALS: Besides the above, the department has initiated steps in acquisition of other nonintrusive technology/equipment for     examination/inspection of goods and cargo

      Under carriage vehicle inspection systems along the border, where vehicles or trains arrive from across our border.
      These modern full body security screening systems used for personal inspections. It can help in detection of contraband concealed on the body.