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चतुर्थ तल, ‘ए’ विंग, लोक नायक भवन, खान मार्केट, नई दिल्ली-110003

हथियार और गोला बारूद

Allotement of Confiscated weapons on loan basis

This Directorate allots NPB Revolvers/ Pistols to Departmental Executive Officers as per instructions and guidelines prescribed by Ministry.

  1. Confiscated weapons of non-prohibited bore i.e. Revolvers or Pistols are loaned to Executive Customs/Central Excise officers who requires them for self-protection in the course of their work on condition that the weapons are returned by the officers to the Departments when no longer required or in any case on their retirement/ superannuation.
  2. The requests received from officers who wish to obtain weapons on loan should be carefully screened by the Commissioners and forwarded with their specific recommendation to this Directorate.
  3. The weapons will be loaned only to officers who possess the necessary arms license, and not more than one weapon will be given to an individual officers.