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चतुर्थ तल, ‘ए’ विंग, लोक नायक भवन, खान मार्केट, नई दिल्ली-110003

Special Equipment Fund

Special Equipment Fund (SEF) was created in 1985 to acquire anti-smuggling equipment of specialized nature in the shortest possible time. The SEF is administered by a Governing Body under Chairman, CBIC and members including Member (Customs), Member (GST), Member (Admin) and Financial Advisor. Principal Commissioner, Directorate of Logistics, is the Member Secretary.

Proposals received from the Commissionerates/Directorates are scrutinized and processed by Directorate of Logistics and submitted to the Governing Body for sanction. Some of the substantial proposals recommended and sanctioned under the SEF are procurement of Artificial Scent kits, installation of CCTV surveillance system at 7 LCSs/ ICPs under Shillong Customs (P) Commissionerate, Procurement of Satellite Phones and Procurement of Carat Meters.