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Customs Marine Wing under the Directorate of Logistics was set up in 1974. The Marine Wing is headed by Additional Director (Marine) who is an Officer of the Rank of Commander on deputation from Indian Navy. The Office of the Marine Wing is located at DDA Shopping Complex, Shanti Niketan, New Delhi. The Customs Marine Wing also have four workshops at Mumbai, Calicut, Ratnagiri and Nagapattinam. The workshop at Nagapattinam was hit by a storm and is no longer functional. There is a Central Store Yard at Mumbai where the spare parts of CAT III A & IIIB boats are stored and based on requisitions received, available spares are supplied to the Commissionerates for maintenance of CAT-IIIA & IIIB vessels. The Central Store Yard, Mumbai, and Customs Marine Headquarters, Mumbai, are under the control of this Directorate, however, the workshops are controlled by the concerned Commissionerates



    The Customs Department has total 109 vessels of four categories, acquired by the Directorate between 2008 to 2012, after Global tender. All these vessels are state of the art and equipped with modern propulsion & power generation system with electronic controls and navigation & directional aids like GPS, Radar, Echo-sounder etc. The technical specifications of these vessels is tabulated below: -

    CAT Shipbuilder Total Cost Per Vessel Length Speed Endurance at Sea Crew
    I M/s Gold Bridge Engineering and Construction Berhad, Malaysia. 24 Rs 7.14 Crores 20 M 25 knots 72 hrs (03 days) 10
    II M/s Al Dhaen Craft Factory, Bahrain. 22 Rs 2.859 Crores 13 M 40 knots 18 hrs 08
    IIIA M/s Brunswick, Singapore 30 Rs 0.57 Crores 9 M 30 knots 10 hrs 04
    IIIB 33 Rs 0.32 Crores 6 M 35 knots 08 hrs 04

    Marine vessels are stationed at Customs Commissionerates along the Indian coastline for anti-smuggling and preventive operations. Customs vessels are also deployed for joint sea patrolling / exercises, as and when planned by the Indian Navy / Coast Guard. The present allocation of vessels at various Commissionerates with their operational status is given below: -

    Zone Commissionerate I II IIIA IIIB Total
    Total/OP Total/OP Total/OP Total/OP Total/OP
    Mumbai-III Mumbai 3/1 3/1 2/1 7/4 15/7
    Pune Goa 2/1 1/1 - 2/0 5/2
    Pune 2/0 2/0 2/1 3/2 9/3
    Bangalore Mangalore 3/3 2/1 2/0 - 7/4
    Kochi Kochi 4/4 3/2 4/3 - 11/9
    Ahmedabad Ahmedabad 1/0 1/0 1/0 1/1 4/1
    Jamnagar 1/0 2/2 1/0 1/1 5/3
    Kandla 1/0 1/0 2/0 - 4/0
    Chennai Chennai 1/0 1/0 3/3 - 5/3
    Bhubaneshwar Visakhapatnam 1/0 1/0 1/0 - 3/0
    Vijaywada 1/1 - 3/3 - 4/4
    Bhubaneshwar 1/1 1/0 2/2 - 4/3
    Trichy Trichy 2/1 2/0 7/7 3/2 14/10
    Kolkata Kolkata 1/0 2/2 - 10/9 13/11
    Guwahati Shillong - - - 6/2 6/0
    Total 24/12 22/9 30/20 33/19 109/60

    Note: Op - Operational

    1. Customs Marine vessels with their boat crew are under the jurisdiction of the Commissionerates for all administrative and deployment / patrolling requirements. These vessels are usually operated for 08 months in a year, excluding the 04 months of monsoon period wherein such boats do not normally venture out to in high seas. As per prescribed norms, Commissionerates are required to utilise Category I & II vessels for patrolling at sea for minimum 100 hours/ month and Category IIIA & IIIB vessels for 60 hours/month. Commissionerates have been requested vide DoL letter dated 18.11.2021 to increase patrolling performance to achieve by Feb 2022, the minimum norms prescribed by the Board.
    2. Maintenance of Category I and II vessels is being undertaken through a Centralised Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CCAMC), concluded by DoL in Dec 2017 and June 2018, respectively, having five year validity. The Commissionerates are responsible for maintenance and repairs of Category IIIA & IIIB vessels since 2012, through local repair agencies. Details of contractors to whom CCAMC have been given at present are as under: -
      Vessel Type CCAMC contractor Period of Contract
      CAT I M/s Wintech Engineering Works, Hyderabad 27.12.2017 to 26.12.2022
      CAT II M/s Ocean Blue Boating Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 07.06.2018 to 06.06.2023
    3. To reduce down time of vessels and bring in greater involvement of Commissionerates, financial powers and decision making on all marine matters have been delegated to Commissionerates. The Commissionerates are exercising these delegated powers/authority to resolve technical issues and also place work orders for repair to equipment falling beyond the scope of CCAMC.
    4. With streamlined mechanism for executing and monitoring of CCAMCs having been put in place, DoL has also been actively engaging CCAMC Contractors to expedite repair work onboard CAT-I & II vessels and Commissionerates for CAT-IIIA & IIIB vessels. Directorate had requested Commissionerates vide two letters dated 09.04.2021 and 14.06.2021 to ensure that all non-operational vessels are repaired in coordination with the CCAMC Contractors/local repair agencies.
    5. Periodic meetings are being held with CCAMC Contractors and Commissionerates to monitor the progress of maintenance activities. Principal Commissioner, DoL had chaired meetings with both CCAMC Contractors on 21/22.06.2021 and with Commissionerates on 13.07.2021, to impress upon the criticality and urgency to get all vessels under maintenance/repair fully operational in a time bound manner.
    6. Monthly meetings, chaired by Additional Director (Marine), are also being held with CCAMC Contractors of CAT-I & II vessels and Commissionerates, to review the progress of maintenance activities towards making vessels under repair fully operational. Next monthly review by DoL is scheduled on 27.12.2021 for Category-I vessels and 28.12.2021 for Category-II vessels.



    Cadre restructuring of the Customs Marine Wing was done in November, 2007 wherein the sanctioned strength in various grades was fixed at 997. The present working strength is 609 and detailed staff position is placed below: -

    Group Designation Sanctioned Strength Working Strength Vacancy
    Group 'A' Addl Dir, Dy. Dir, AD (Marine)/ Marine Officer & Asst. Dir 21 5 16
    Group 'B' Skipper, Skipper Mate, Engineer(Marine/ Hull/ Electrical), Store Officer, Foreman of Stores 142 72 70
    Group 'C' Skipper Mate, Engineer Mate, Tindal, Sukhani, Sr. Deck Hand, Engine Driver, Launch Mech, Seaman, Greaser, Unskilled Ind. Worker 834 528 306
    Total 997 605 392

    The Directorate is the Cadre Controlling Authority (CCA) for Group ‘B’ staff. However, as per relevant Recruitment Rules, the DPC for promotion to all Group ‘B’ staff is to be headed by concerned Chief Commissioner / Addl. Commissioner. In accordance with Board’s letter dated 28.02.1989, the Cadre Control functions of Group ’C’ staff lies with the jurisdictional Commissioners and DPCs as per relevant RRs are to be headed by concerned Addl. Commissioners. Also, DoL has been pursuing proposals for recruitment of Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ posts with the Board. Details in regard are given below: -

    1. GROUP ‘A’ POSTS

      The working strength of Group ‘A’ posts is 5 with one post of Additional Director (Marine) and 04 posts of Assistant Director (Marine) occupied. Proposal for conduct of DPC at UPSC for promotion to fill one Group ‘A’ post of Assistant Director (Marine) was accepted at UPSC under Single Window System on 18.08.2021. Similar proposal for one Group ‘A’ post of Assistant Director (Hull), from respective Group ‘B’ feeder cadre has been forwarded to the Ministry on 27.08.2021 and additional certificates/documents sought were forwarded on 03.11.2021. As Recruitment Rules for Asst. Dir. (Marine)/ Marine Officers and Dy. Director (Marine) were not notified since 2007, these 08 posts could not be filled up, though eligible Officers are available, and amendment of RRs for all Group ‘A’ posts is under consideration at Ministry.

      Proposal for revival of 01 Group ‘A’ post of Assistant Director (Skipper) was re-submitted to the Ministry on 11.11.2021. Recently, Ministry has conveyed revival of two posts of Assistant Director (Marine) has been approved and with availability of eligible officers in the Group ’B’ feeder cadre, DoL is preparing proposal for conduct of DPC at UPSC.

    2. GROUP ‘B’ POSTS

      Major vacancies exists in the posts of Skipper, Engineer (Marine), Engineer (Hull) and Skipper mate and recruitment to fill up these posts is being expedited as these posts are part of the Boat crew [except Engineer(Hull)]. A proposal for direct recruitment of 23 Engineer (Marine), was forwarded to the Ministry and subsequently as required by UPSC, fresh panel / NOC has been sought from Surplus Cell of DoPT and DG Resettlement. Similar fresh certificates have also been sought by the Ministry, for direct recruitment of 03 Engineer (Hull) post. NOC have been received from Surplus Cell for both posts, however, fresh panel is awaited from DG Resettlement for both Engineer (Marine) and Engineer(Hull), despite reminder on 14.12.2021.

      As per the recommendations of DPCs held at Commissionerates for promotion to the Group ‘B’ posts of Skipper and Engineer (Marine), promotion order were issued and 03 Engineer (Marine) and 10 Skippers have joined their posts. With these promotions, all eligible candidates in the panel year 2021 have been promoted to relevant Group ‘B’ post.

    3. GROUP ‘C’ POSTS

      The Cadre Controlling Authority for Group ‘C’ officers, are the respective Commissionerates. The recruitment of Group ‘C’ Marine Staff to fill up vacant posts is the responsibility of the Jurisdictional Commissioners, in accordance with Board’s letter dated 28.02.1989. DoL had directed Commissionerates vide letter dated 14.06.2021 to fill up vacant posts of Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ posts through recruitment as per relevant Recruitment Rules.

      At Vijayawada Commissionerate, total 07 Seaman / Greaser (both entry level Group ‘C’ posts) had joined in May, 2021 after direct recruitment. Against 13 call letters issued to selected candidates by Bhubaneswar Commissionerate for Group ‘C’ posts, 10 candidates have joined in August, 2021.

      Other Commissionerates have intimated that necessary action is being taken to fill up vacant posts by way of promotion where required and administrative formalities to progress with recruitment on deputation/ re-employment, failing which by direct recruitment, is also being progressed. Few Commissionerate have published advertisements and are preparing question papers for conducting examination.


    Directorate, vide letter dated 23.08.2018, had forwarded Cadre Restructuring proposal of the Customs Marine Wing to DGHRD. Post examination, DGHRD on 12.12.2018 informed that upgradation of pay scales has been proposed for a number of grades along-with the Cadre Restructuring proposal. Since Pay Scales can be revised only by the CPC/ DoE, it was advised to submit the Cadre Restructuring proposal only once the Pay Scales have been revised by the Department of Expenditure (DoE). Accordingly, proposal for Upgradation of Pay Scales and Surrender/ Creation of posts in the Customs Marine wing was submitted on file to the Ministry on 27.05.2019 and IFU queries forwarded by the Ministry from time to time were clarified. Later, as required by IFU, a Check List for creation of posts as per DoE’s OM dated 14.04.2017, which requires the concurrence of Financial Advisor and Secretary, was submitted on 06.11.2021 and the file was subsequently returned by the Ministry with IFU observations that a separate proposal for Cadre Re-structuring of Group ‘A’ posts and Group ‘B’ & ‘C’ posts is to be processed. Cadre Re-restructuring proposal is being finalised and would be submitted to the Ministry by January, 2022.

    1. AMENDMENT IN RRS OF GROUP ‘A’ POSTS OF MARINE WING. Proposal for Amendment to Ministry of Finance Customs Marine Organisation, Customs & Central Excise Department (Group ‘A’ Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2004- Revision of Pay Scales consequent upon implementation of 7th CPC recommendations was submitted to Ministry and observations made were replied from time to time by the Directorate. Ministry, vide letter dated 07.09.2020, has requested all stakeholders to furnish their comments/ opinion/ suggestion on amendment in RRs before the proposal is sent to DOPT, UPSC and Ministry of Law for finalization. The proposed RRs were uploaded on websites of CBIC (on 11.09.20) and DoL (17.09.20) for 30 days to invite comments/ opinions. Comments received regarding draft RRs of Asst. Director (Skipper), were forwarded to Ministry on 25.01.2021. Board vide letter dated 06.10.2021 has sought clarification on whether DoL still requires post of Dy. Dir(Mariner) and Asst. Dir(Marine)/ Marine Officer, being deemed abolished, and if so proposal for revival / framing of RRs be examined and proposal of the same be furnished. Further, Board request for revised draft RRs for Asst. Dir. (Marine) and Asst. Dir. (Skipper), after incorporating changes recommended by DoPT. Reply is being formulated at DOl and would be submitted shortly.
    2. AMENDMENT IN RRS OF GROUP ‘B’ SKIPPER AND ENGINEER (MARINE/ ELECTRICAL/ HULL). Proposal for amendment of Recruitment Rules of Engineer (Marine/Electrical/Hull) was submitted to the Ministry on 13.10.2017 and queries raised by DGHRD were last replied on 04.06.2020. Board vide letter dated 29.10.2021 has sought latest status of cadre review proposal with regard to upgradation of pay scale of Engineers (M/H/E) and Skippers from Level 7 to Level 8, for further examination of amendment of RRs for these four posts. The query by the Board was replied by DoL vide letter dated 16.11.2021, where in the present status of Cadre Review was intimated.